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Community Ministries
located within The First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, Georgia
What They Offer

Sunday Morning Breakfast:
At 6:30 every Sunday, FPC welcomes Atlanta’s homeless population for a hot breakfast. They are currently serving approximately 300 guests each week.

Venable Food Pantry:
Provides emergency assistance to those in need as a result of illness, job loss, work reduction, and other circumstances.

Men's Clothing Closet:
Offers homeless men with the opportunity to take a shower, shave, get clean clothing, and have their clothing washed. They also provides work clothing.

Mentoring Ministry:
Open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:00-4:00 p.m. and provides counseling, prayer, and individualized, one-on-one services to disabled homeless men and women.

Judith A. Richardson Foot Care Ministry:
Where volunteers provide footbath's and foot care for homeless men after they have taken showers at the Clothing Closet.

Edna Raine Wardlaw Coker Women's Transition Center:
Provides a safe, supportive transitional living environment for guests with the goal of achieving self-sufficiency in an independent living situation.

Habitat for Humanity:
Each year since the mid-1980's, FPC has partnered with other Atlanta churches to build one or two Habitat houses for working families in need of decent and affordable homes.

We support the following programs
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Harvest of Hope is a project that operates as an extension of the services offered by Abalimi Bezekhaya. Abalimi is a nonprofit organization meaning "Farmers of the Home" which is based in home and community gardens throughout townships of Cape Town City.
Abalimi is focused on the advancement of food security through training residents of townships to grow their own vegetables. Harvest of Hope matches the farmer’s produce with the market demand for healthy, chemical and pesticide free, locally grown vegetables.

Harvest of Hope guarantees the purchase of the vegetables grown by our farmers, allowing them to focus on skill building and ensuring that their vegetables are of the highest quality.
Our farmers have support in production planning, soil infrastructure, planning harvests, access to seeds and seedlings, vegetable transportation, and financial services among others.
Harvest of Hope is a relationship of trust between the urban farmers of Cape Town and the members of Harvest of Hope. This trust builds income security for the farmers as well as more availability of healthy food for families across the Western Cape.
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