Artist of One Love,
June Ann Hall


One Love Prints and One Love Studios of Atlanta strive to improve the world through the Arts.

The year was 2003. Little did she know what was in store when she went to a stress management class. She was handed a paint brush and paper. It had been years since she had painted! She found it magical as painting lifted her into the realm of another world. This started an investigation upon creative talents as a career.
She decided to continue with the arts teaching herself techniques with books, videos and getting tips from other artists.

During her own years of turmoil the Artist saw some parallel similarities in the world around her. The thought of confusion and chaos fell heavily upon her heart. She had to do something in her power to make changes. That's when she drew a sketch of “One Love”™. She knew this is what had to be done and so she painted it.

The artist is on a quest to share this heart warming image with the world. She hopes to accomplish the feat of making “One Love”™ a well known call and challenge for the world to come together and plant a seed of love.

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"The Journal"
Piece painted at stress management class.